How to pick the best small electric meat grinder?

Small Electric Meat GrinderIf you love to eat the meaty sausages or a hunter, you may need to have a small meat grinder for making your very own meat dishes. These grinders can be an amazing way for using all the meat which you have stored in your refrigerator while not worrying regarding the processing of meat.

Now, you don’t have to purchase the sausages from the market which often contain many preservatives and chemicals, as you can make your own at home.

If you realize that you need the best meat grinder, even if you don’t use it much, it is important to consider the basic features and the cost of the model. Moreover, the grinder is suitable which doesn’t take much space and easy to work on.

Best small electric meat grinder of 2017

The size of the grinder is an important feature to consider while buying the one. It is better to get the small and compact grinders for daily usage as they are easy to handle and can be stored anywhere. Following are the some of the best options available in the market.

  1. KitchenAid electric meat grinder:

This grinder is made up of the plastic structure, which makes it easy to be cleaned. Few parts of the grinder are dishwasher safe. It comes with the two grinding plates so that you can do thick and fine grinding, depending on the size of sausages you want to have. Along with this, it helps to crumble the bread, cheese and grind the hard meat.

The model itself is quite easy to use with the mixer and can be taken off conveniently. KitchenAid grinder is the best small electric meat grinder because of its reasonable size and structure. On the other hand, anyone can use it at home or while you are on some journey. The brand is of high quality and has fine texture overall.

  1. Della 1400 watts electric meat grinder:

This is a standalone electric meat grinder according to looks fishy which owns the sturdy motor that consumes 1400 watts of the electric power and can grind various kinds of meat efficiently. It comes with three types of grinding plates, which lets you do think, medium and very fine meat grinding as per your requirement. It also has a reverse button in case you are into any problem related to the grinding of meat.


Operating this model is quite simple, as it runs just out of the box. You can also form different kinds of sausages whichever you want or just perform the grinding of meat for making different things like meatballs, or hamburgers.

  1. Shield distribution electric meat grinder:

This model is far much powerful as compared to the Della grinders as it has the motor with a power rating of 2000 watts and 2.6 HP, which shows that it can grind a lot of meat without any hurdle. It has a metallic base and the compact sized plastic structure. This feature makes it the best small electric meat grinder for home use.